The World Of Sausages!

What are sausages?

Sausage refers to the type of products of meat usually obtained from beef, poultry, or pork, where salt, flavorings, spices, etc., are added. In addition, breadcrumbs and grains can be included as extenders or fillers to the sausages.
The word ‘sausage’ means loose meat sausage. It usually resembles the identity of meat in a cylindrical product covered with skin. Sausages can be formed from the intestinal part of the meat.

Making of sausages:

Sausage making was practiced for the conservation, preservation, and transportation of meat. It is indeed a traditional form that can be cooked in two ways: Cured sausages and fresh sausages.


Most cured sausages are either cooked or roasted, or smoked, though it is not mandatory. The sausages that are introduced to smoke are said to be cured. But, the reason why sausages are smoked is to remove a bacterium known as ‘Clostridium Botulinum.’

Fresh sausages are pretty cooked by using seasoned meats before serving. Also, liquid smoke is used instead of the usual curing technique of sausages. Burning sausages in a cold smoker are entirely avoided because of botulism (illness caused by bacteria) that would cause significant danger to health.

Variety in sausages:

Sausages are already classified into two categories based on the making of sausages. Let us look at the classification in the big picture!


Ready to eat’ and ‘Not ready to eat’ are the primary types of sausages.

1. Ready to eat sausages:

The sausages are either fermented, air-dried, or cooked in hot water or oven. Some are smoked while the others are cooked.
Liver sausages, Head sausages, and Blood sausages are special sausages that are initially cooked in water. Then they are subjected to casing while they’re stuffed and are cooked again.


These special sausages have gained popularity in Europe. Pork, Veal, Beef, Lean beef, sheep, and goat are common considerations while cooking sausages.
Fermented sausages are classified as Hungarian Salami, Italian Salami, Summer sausage, and Mettwurst by being smoked and uncooked, not smoked and uncooked, smoked and cooked, cold smoked and uncooked, respectively.

2. Not ready to eat sausages:

Grilled German Bratwurst is the best example of a ‘not ready to eat sausage.’ These types of sausages must be cooked at any cost before serving. They are not cured but are kept in the refrigerator before doing the whole cooked food. Some sausages such as Spanish Chorizo, a version from South America, are fried with eggs and served for breakfast.


There are many varieties of recipes for cooking sausages too. So don’t forget to cook them!

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