Eating Oysters Has Many Benefits

Who hasn’t heard about the benefits of eating oysters? If you are like many people, you probably grew up detesting eating oysters. It can be a bit difficult at first to have an open mind and try oysters, but you will soon enjoy them. Once you get to know more about oysters and how they are beneficial to our bodies, you will surely include them in your diet.


Oysters contain plenty of zinc. It is vital for the development of your bones and immune system. The American Heart Association recommends that you get about twenty-five milligrams of zinc per day. Eating seafood that is rich in zinc is something you can do to meet your nutritional needs.

There is more than enough zinc in seafood and meat. However, you may find that eating oysters is a better choice because you will get more of the mineral in each serving. In addition to getting more zinc, eating oysters will also improve your gastrointestinal health. This will help you have less constipation and better digestion.



Another benefit of regularly eating oysters is that you get plenty of calcium. Calcium is an excellent source for strengthening the teeth and for building strong bones. Just think of all the wonderful things you can do with a pair of strong, healthy bones!

The calcium found in oysters is similar to that found in many types of cheese, so eating oysters is just like enjoying some delicious cheese. Apart from the calcium, you can also get vitamins A, D, and E, along with several other minerals that are good for the body.


Natural Aphrodisiac

When it comes to eating oysters, you not only receive a diverse group of minerals and vitamins, but it also has a reputation of being a natural aphrodisiac. It is said that oysters contain female hormone levels, which are almost identical to those produced by a woman’s body just before her menstrual cycle.

Because of this, eating oysters is supposed to create a surge of estrogen that can help women with their monthly cycles. Since many women are troubled with PMS, eating oysters might very well be the answer to finding relief.


Argument Against Eating Oysters

Of course, not everyone agrees that oysters are a good food to eat. Environmentalists and some medical professionals believe that consuming seafood can have negative consequences. Because oysters are often harvested bycatch, they contain high levels of mercury which can be bad for the heart and liver. High levels of mercury have been linked to various serious diseases, including heart disease, autism, depression, and arthritis.

While there are certain risks associated with almost anything you find nowadays, it is important to understand the health benefits of consuming seafood. The three main nutrients found in all seafood types are magnesium, potassium, and calcium.
These minerals are essential to maintaining healthy bodily functions. Magnesium is an essential mineral that helps with muscle tone, blood pressure, and energy levels. Potassium is essential for regulating fluid levels in the body.


In Conclusion

It’s easy to see how eating oysters can have many benefits. They are delicious and filling, and they come loaded with all the necessary nutrients that your body needs. You might want to consider making them a part of your diet.

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